I’m guilty of “Treason”… sort of

I’ve been extremely distant from my blog for a little bit and I’m really ashamed to admit that it’s not because of some life-altering or changing event. I’ve simply been giving all of my time and “Yankee affection” to another blog. Yeah, I know… that’s “walk the plank” material but I promise you I was always intending on coming back home.

One thing I’ve never viewed myself as is a written… a “Ranter”, maybe… but writer, no. I started this blog because I wanted to share my views and thoughts about things that seem to affect me in on way or another. Lately, I’ve found myself posting a lot of responses to great articles on an even greater Yankee Blog call Bleeding Yankee Blue. The hard part about maintaining a blog isn’t necessarily finding material, because everywhere you look there’s a topic just begging to be blogged about. It’s finding, creating and maintaining an audience that appears to be  the hard part. When I see the hundreds of blogs out there that have a loyal following  I know it’s for good reason. I know that it’s because the owners have found a way to uniquely connect with the readers who have become loyal to them.

Moving forward, I’m committing myself to giving my readers more Reasoning than Ranting. Anybody can rant and rave but the message can easily get lost in all the chaos. I’m not always going to agree with everyone that I blog about or reference in my stories but I realize that being passionate shouldn’t translate into being insensitive.


About Let's Play Nine

Hello everyone. My name is David and I'm a husband and father from western New York. I've had this blog for a few years now and because of changes that I've made in my life, I've decided to change the layout and direction of it. My goal is to not only share more of myself and my personal goals, but to also be a blessing to all of you who take time out of your day to read my content.
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