I am, Charles Ramsey!

CRamseyObviously I am NOT Charles Ramsey… but I could have been and so could you.

Whether Charles Ramsey thinks he’s a hero or not, most of us in the world say that he is and we should be proud of him. I personally think he’s a hero for more reasons than just helping those young ladies get free from their captors.  He responded to a needy neighbor when they needed help the most and he put aside what he had going on at the time to help. I’d like to believe that all of us would’ve responded the same way that he did… without even thinking twice. I believe that there is that kind of good inside of every human being walking the earth today.

I’m already sick of the mime pictures of him posing with ribs, Big Macs and his mouth wide open so you can see his missing teeth. The people talking about his broken English,  his mullet and how he looks like “this” character from this movie”. Charles Ramsey didn’t asked for this spotlight while he was at home relaxing, doing nothing, lying around in his chill clothes, eating his favorite food. And he definitely doesn’t deserve to be clowned and made to look like he’s not the image of what a hero should look like. A hero has no face, shape, color or gender. They just do what their heart tells them to do.

The more I think about it, I couldn’t be Charles Ramsey… because I’d be trying too hard to make sure I “looked” a certain way or that I didn’t embarrass my family by the way I spoke or looked in front of the camera. That’s being fake. There was nothing fake about Charles Ramsey and there never will be.

“It’s about cojones on this planet, bro!” – Charles Ramsey

God Bless you, Charles!


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Hello everyone. My name is David and I'm a husband and father from western New York. I've had this blog for a few years now and because of changes that I've made in my life, I've decided to change the layout and direction of it. My goal is to not only share more of myself and my personal goals, but to also be a blessing to all of you who take time out of your day to read my content.
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