Welcome, FOX Sports 1

Please Destroy ESPN!
 know hate is a strong word… but I really hate “monopolies”. The big machines that role over the little man simply because “they can”… because there’s nothing to stop them. It’s happened in every sport (mostly on the major league levels), in the video gaming industry with exclusive licensing, the music industry, you name it. There are many that will say that my beloved Yankees is among those businesses that can be considered a monopoly but even as they are proving this year, sometimes monopolies can fall victim to themselves.

For a long time, sports fans have had only one option for a network dedicated to 24/7 sport and it is in the form of the self proclaimed “worldwide leader in sports”. I don’t want to mention their name because this is less about them and more about the network that’s building up to challenge what Dan Patrick refers to as “The Mothership”. FOX Sports 1 is launching tomorrow, August 17th and I’m pretty excited about it. I know there have been other networks that have tried this and haven’t put a dent in The Mothership’s ratings. But in my opinion, the launch of FOX Sports 1 isn’t really about taking down The Mothership… it’s more about having another quality option as a sports fan. The keyword is quality and the winner in this situation is definitely sports fans.

Take nothing from The Mothership, it is a dynasty that has to be recognized. But, I personally feel that for the last 2-3 years, the network has served the equivalent of tap water to viewers when it had the ability to serve spring water, at the same cost. Why are they doing this? Because they can… because the fans are thirsty and they’ll drink whatever is presented to them, especially when it’s the only option. Every promo that I’ve seen for Fox Sports 1 has boasted futuristic sets, host that appear to be having “fun” at doing their jobs and an array of talented hosts ranging from retired athlete to former morning show hosts.

I personally feel that if FS1 simply acknowledges The Mothership with a tip of the hat as it walks through the door, there will nothing else for them to worry about. If they can concentrate on coexisting and not conquering, they can be nothing except succeed. I wish everyone involved with the launch of FOX Sports 1 the best of success.


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