2015 World Series – Game 1 Live Blog


Warning: I will attempt my very first live blog of any sporting event. It’s fitting that I do it with two teams that I’m not a fan of and I don’t cheer for… this will prevent a lot of colorful language from hitting the inter-webs.


8:30am (The Next Morning): So I’ll admit it, I went to bed after the final posting last night, but, I did turn the TV on to see how this things played out in the 11th inning. I only made it through a few pitches and I was out… luckily I threw the TV on 30-minute sleep mode. The game didn’t play out as I had hoped with the Royals walking off and beating the Mets by a score of 5-4. Even though my team isn’t in the series, I really enjoyed the game and I learned a lot about all the players involved from both teams. Blogging a sporting even is not only taxing but it’s also rewarding. I learned things about players that I normally wouldn’t watch during the regular season and I have a deeper appreciation for both organizations. Mets and Royals fans, you both cheer for teams that you should be proud of! I hope those that followed my blog last night enjoyed my live blogging event… a special “thanks” to all of the full-time bloggers out there for letting a guy like me into your arena for a few hours.

11:53pm:  BTW, it’s the top of the 11th… Juan Lagaraes just bunted himself safely on to 1st for the Mets with no outs… Flores is coming to the plate… Goodnight!

11:50pm: Well, Joe Buck just said that they “have a bag full of quarters for their generator and they can go all night.” Unfortunately, I can’t. I will say that this was a lot of fun and I will post the final results for the game tomorrow morning. I hope to be able to do this again for Game 2. Thanks for hanging out with me tonight and putting up with my Harold Reynolds trolling. God Bless! GO YANKS!!!!

11:47pm: Bottom of the 10th now, Jonathon Niese in to pitch for the Mets, he gets Zobrist to pop up in the infield, 1 out. Lorenzo Cain is up next… cain is DONE, strikes out… he was extremely over-powered by Niese. Eric Hosmer at the plate next… and he’s gone! Niese is beasting!

11:41pm: D’Arnaud at the plate… he’s ahead 2-0 and looking for his pitch, 2-1 now… now 2-2… full count, Davis strikes him out…inning over, game still tied 4-4, Royals coming up and this is my last inning no matter what folks! Will we see a walk off by the Royals?

11:38pm: Top of the 10th… Wade Davis in to pitch for the Royals, facing Cespedes. He strikes him out, 1 out. Lucas Duda to the plate, he’s making Duda look silly with the curveball, 1-2… and Duda strikes out, 2 outs.

11:35pm: I will blog exactly 1 extra inning because my hands are about to fall off and my head is killing me from all of this. Live blogging is harder than I imagined. LOL

11:32pm Paulo Orlando at the plate after subbing for Alex Rios. Orlando flies out to center. Escobar to the plate… he grounds out to 1st, inning over. Headed to Extra innings.

11:29pm: Gordon hammers the 1-1 pitch, deep center field and it’s gone. Royals tie the game 4-4. Familia looks bewildered. Reynolds will surely say something dumb as we will go to extra innings.

11:27pm Familia facing Salvador Perez and he’s making him look pretty bad, count at 0-2, grounds to Flores at short, 1 out. Harold Reynolds is warming up, he still has 2 outs left to embarrass himself tonight. Alex Gordon at bat.

11:26pm: Murphy flies out to center field, inning over and the Mets still lead 4-3. Headed to the bottom of the 9th.

11:24pm: David Wright is up and singles to left. Murphy is at bat and Wright steals 2nd… looks like they will review the steal.  Wright is called out after the play is reviewed. 2 outs.

11:22pm: And Joe Buck just gave us some dumb stat about Hosmer’s error at first and how it relates to Bill Buckner’s error. In pure Fox style… nonsense that we didn’t need to hear.

11:19pm: Top of the 9th for the Mets, they lead 4-3, Hochevar in to pitch and Granderson leads off, his homer is the difference in this game. Granderson flies out to left, 1 out.

11:14pm: Familia is in to pitch for the Mets and he’s dealing to Moustakas, strike 1. Royals fans are booing him like crazy as he deals… next pitch, ground ball to short, Flores throws Moustakas out at 1st. Inning over.

11:09pm: Count at 2-2 on Morales… trying to get him to chase, another meeting on the mound and again the Royals fans don’t like it. Wild pitch from Clippard and Zobrist advances to 3rd. Clippard walks Morales and it looks like he’s done for the night, call to the bullpen. Runners on 1st and 3rd. Dyson coming in to pinch run for Morales in the bottom of the 8th.

11:05pm: Hosmer is at the plate, count is 0-1… meeting at the mound, Royals fans booing and don’t like it. 0-2 count to Hosmer, swings at strike 3. 2 outs and Morales is up to bat. Mets may get out of this inning unscathed. Familia is warming in the bullpen… score is 4-3, Mets leading. Count is -0-2 on Morales.

11:01pm: Tyler Clippard in to pitch for the Mets… Ben Zobrist at the plate and he drills one to right field, off the wall, Granderson slips as he makes the play but gets the ball in, holds Zobrist to a double with no outs. Cain at the plate trying to bunt… not doing a great job of it if I may add. Cain strikes out, 1 out. Royals need this run badly.

11:00pm: My first live blog has been pretty awesome. Shoutout to all of the bloggers, writer, journalist out there that do this every single day. This is really tough and I have a lot of respect for you all.

10:56pm: Cuddyer at the plate… count is at 0-2… strike out, throw out on Cuddyer. To the bottom of the 8th, Mets leading 4-3.

10:52pm: Flores up to the plate with 1 on… Lagares steals second. Flores rips it down the first base line past Hosmer, Lagares on his horse, being waved around and scores. Mets lead 4-3 in the top of the 8th. That hit was charged as an error to Hosmer.

10:48pm: Juan Lagares in to hit for Conforto… Herrera is throwing triple digits to hit and Lagares is all over each pitch. Lagares finally connects with a single to center field.

10:46pm: Duda strikes out… tipped into the glove of Perez. They just announced on the broadcast that Edinson Volquez lost his father earlier today and he didn’t know it until he was removed from the game tonight. Sad news.

10:44pm: Lucas Duda to lead off the 8th, Herrera still pitching… and Harold Reynolds has been “tolerable” tonight. Wait… did I just type that? Count at 3-1 to Duda.

10:38pm: Alex Rios at the plate… pops it up on the 1st base side, caught by Duda, 2 outs. Escobar at the plate, swings at the first pitch, strike 1. Escobar pops it up to Wright at 3rd, inning over.

10:35pm: 7th inning stretch is a wrap… back to the action. Addison Reed in to pitch for the Mets. Alex Gordon is claiming he was grazed by the first pitch… replay CLEARLY shows he wasn’t touched by the pitch. Flopper alert!!! He flies out to Granderson, 1 out.

10:29pm: Cespedes is being very patient… he’s a dangerous hitter… 2-1 count and Cespedes flies out to left… just missed a homer there. Inning over, heading to the bottom of the 7th.

10:27pm: Murphy should go yard…. Murphy gets a change up and drills it to center field, base hit… Mets have men at 1st and 2nd with 2 outs, Cespedes at the plate.

10:24pm: Kelvin Herrera in to pitch to David Wright… count quickly at 2-0… high fastball fools Wright, 2-1…. fastball low, 3-1… Daniel Murphy on deck. Wright pulls it through the left side between 3rd and short… base hit. Mets have 1 man on with 2 outs. Murphy at the plate.

10:20pm: 3-0 count to Granderson… looks like they’re scared to pitch to him after the HR. He takes the pitch… 3-1 count.Pops it up to shallow right… 2 outs.. pitching change coming.

10:16pm: Volquez is done… Danny Duffy in to pitch. Michael Cuddyer pinch hitting for the DH Kelly Johnson… fighting off a ton of pitches so far… count at 0-2. Cuddyer takes strike 3. Granderson is up.

10:13pm: Perez at he plate with Moustakas at 1st… he flies out to right center, inning over, we’re headed to the 7th.

10:11pm: Moustkas is up with Cain at 2nd, Mets lead 3-2. Moustakas singles up the middle, Cain scores and the game is tied 3-3… he’s pumped up… crowd is going nuts.

10:08pm: Morales is up with 1 on… he’s trying to murder the ball… Cain steals… safe at 2nd. Morales grounds out, Cain stays put at 2nd, 2 outs.

10:04pm: Hosmer at the plate with 2 on… sack fly to center, Zobrist tags from 3rd, score is now 3-2, Mets leading.

10:02pm: Zobrist is up… lead-off double… no outs. Lorenzo Cain coming up… base hit to right, Zobrist is held at 3rd. Runners at 1st and 3rd, no outs.

9:58pm: Flores is up… bullet to 3rd and AGAIN Moustakas with the stop, throws to first to end the inning.

9:57pm: Conforto swings at the first pitch… deep enough for Cespedes to tag… Mets are up 3-1. Harold Reynolds is telling another story… I think I heard Bo Jackson in there somewhere… enough already.

9:53pm: D’Arnaud is up and in a quick 2-1 count… 3-1 now, that last pitch looked close… and Volquez freezes him with the 3-2 pitch, strike 3. Conforto is up next.

9:50pm: Harold Reynolds is speaking Martian about hitting technique right now… hopefully he’ll be done in the next 5 minutes. Duda is up with 1 on… base hit… runners on the corners with no one out. Mets are rollin!!! There’s a meeting on the mound.

9:47pm: Top of the 6th… Yeonis Cespedes leading off. 1-1 count to Cespedes… broken bat single up the middle… one on for the Mets.

9:44pm: Alex Rios is up next… pops it up. 2 outs. Mets leading 2-1. Alcides Escobar is up next… hits a slow roller to Flores at short… long throw… got him! Inning over… Mets coming up.

9:41pm: We’re back… Joe Buck and “Mega-mouth” Reynolds have returned. Bottom of the 5th… Alex Gordon is up. Reynolds just confirmed that his mic is working and 99% of us are not thrilled about that. Gordon pops up, 1 out.

9:35pm: Granderson is up, 2-1 count and he goes DEEP… it’s going, it’s out over the right field fence. 2-1 Mets!!! David Wright is up… he gorunds out. 2 outs. Murphy is up next. Murph grounds out to first, inning over.

9:33pm: Matt Vasgersian is still at it after commercial break, Kelly Johnson is up. He grounds out to Alcides Escobar. 1 out. OMG we lost the feed AGAIN!!! And it’s back… No Joe Buck, we still have the great Matt Vasgersian! I feel like I’m playing MLB15 The Show!!!

9:30pm How great is it that Matt Vasgersian has taken over the play-by-play for the game! How much does it suck that we HAVE to hear Harold Reynolds’s voice again!

9:28pm: Perez scorches one down to 3rd base and Wright grabs it out of the air. 3 outs… we’re headed to the 5th.

9:25pm: So apparently Morales flied out or something while the broadcast was down because because is up and there’s 1 out. He flies out hard to Granderson… 2 outs and Perez is coming up.

9:23pm: And the feed is back!!! Joe Torre looks baffled as to why the game has been delayed. The rumor is that Fox’s  broadcast truck took a power loss… i.e. “Someone is getting fired tomorrow in the IT/Technical world at Fox”.

9:19pm: And we’re looking at a beautiful TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES screen from FOX during the World Series!!! DEAD AIR??? Are they serious right now??? And we have 3 clowns in the Fox studio trying to entertain us by talking about the game so far.

9:13pm: Flores up… fouls a ball off and hits Perze in his right hand… time out while they check on him. Perez looks okay, back to action. Flores grounds out to Escobar, force out at 2nd. Inning over, game tied at 1-1. On to the bottom of the 4th.

9:12pm: Arnaud hits a missle down the third base line, base hit, Mets score… 1-1 tie game. Conforto is up with men on 2nd and 3rd.. Conforto pops it up to Moustakas, 2 outs… still 2 men on.

9:08pm: Duda hits it between 1st and 2nd.. base hit, runners at 1st and 3rd now with 1 out, Travis D’Arnaud up next.

9:05pm: Top of the 4th, Daniel Murphy is up. Drills the pitch to center field, base hit. Cespedes up next… flies out to Zobrist, 1 out. Duda up next.

9:02pm: Hosmer grounds to 2nd, Flores with the stop… throws to 1st. Out. Inning over.

8:59pm: Eric Hosmer is up… swings, strike 1… 1-1 count… 2-1 count now… no one on

8:58pm: Cain up next, 1 out. Flies out to Granderson, 2 outs.

8:57pm: Ben Zobrist is up, Royals leading 1-0. Pops up in the infield to Flores, 1 out.

8:54pm: Wright strikes out… strands 2 runners. Headed to the bottom of the 3rd.

8:52pm: 1-1 count to Wright. 2-1 now… didn’t bite at the slider. High fastball… 2-2 now.

8:48pm: Granderson up next… 2-0 count… 3-0 now. Grandy being patient. He walks… 2 on with David Wright coming up. Harold Reynld must have gotten a talking to by the brass because it’s almost as if his mouth is wired shut.

8:47pm: Kelly Johnson up next… 0-2 count. Volquez drills johnson in the knee… he takes first. 1 on, 2 outs.

8:46pm: Flores up… drills it to left… diving catch… 2 outs.

8:44pm: Top of the 3rd inning, Volquez at 20 pitches… Conforto is up… grounds out to 2nd, diving stop… throws to 1st. 1 out.

8:41pm: Escobar up again… grounds out to 3rd. Inning over. Mets hold them off. Score still at 1-0 Royals… headed to the 3rd.

8:39pm: Alex Rios up, hits it deep to left center, 2 outs.

8:36pm: Alex Gordon up next… 3-0 count. He walks… 2 on, 1 out.

8:34pm: Perez up… singles to right center. 1 on.

8:33pm: Moustakas flies out, 1 out.

8:30pm: D’Arnaud up next… pops up, 3 outs.

8:28pm Duda is up…. grounds out to 1st. 2 outs.

8:27pm: Cespedes is up.. grounds out to 3rd. 1 out.

8:24pm: Hosmer grounds out to 1st, inning over.

8:20pm: Cain flies out to center, 2 outs.

8:18pm: Esco drills it to left center, Cespedes looks like a 5th grader trying to backhand catch this thing… Esco is hustlin. In the park homer!!! 1-0 Royals. Zobrist flies out to center, 1 out.

8:17pm: Esobar is up, facing Matt Harvey. Harold Reynolds has yet to sound like an idiot.

8:14pm: 2 Strikes to Murph… he swings and misses. Royals coming up.

8:13pm: Big Murph is up next… he’s going deep tonight. I’m calling it.

8:12pm: David Wright fouls out.

8:09pm: Volquez is on the mound… first pitch a strike to Granderson. Grandyman flies out, just missed a homer.

7:58pm: Oh my God, Harold Reynolds is calling the game… this live blog may not make it past the 3rd inning. Early apologies.


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