About Me

Thanks for stopping by my page… it’s a work in progress so I ask that you be patient while I add content to it. It’s a big change from the social sites I’ve been a part of in the past and I’m finding out just how little I really needed what those sites have to offer.

My name is David and I’m a 44-year-old I.T. Administrator from western New York. I’m a Husband and father of 5 great children (4 girls and 1 boy) and my hobbies include photography, saltwater aquariums and watching baseball games.

Two years ago I gave my life to God after feeling let down, shut out and like there were no other options left for me. I’ve never been one to preach to anyone but I will tell you that I no longer feel like a broken man and it’s all because of God’s grace. I had to experience it for myself in order to become a believer and the same may be true for any of you reading this.

The title of my site (Lets Play Nine) comes from my love of baseball and everything related to it. No, it’s not about golf (which I suck at) or the front/back nine. I decided that I needed a space that I could come too and not feel smothered, bombarded with friend requests or guilty because I didn’t respond to someone’s wall comment. After turning 42, I noticed that my eyes see life very differently. I had a man at work who I’ve never met before, say to me over the phone… “David, after 40 your life starts to move a lot faster.” I decided right then that it was time to slow down and pay more attention to the things that bring me joy.

What I want people to get most from LetsPlayNine is to learn how to love life and one another, in general. Find something that you love, nurture it and always hold on to it. We live in a very different world today… one where people are more comfortable with being rude to each other than with helping each other. I want the site to be a constant reminder to all that visit that we are never alone, we have no reason to ever give up and we are always loved.

Each new day will be a journey and I’m looking forward to them.

Thank you for visiting.


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