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Book of the Month


Craig Groeschel is, without a doubt, my favorite speaker on the subject of Christ, Christianity and Life in general. I got this book for free two years ago and have put it in my backpack several times to take to work to read on my lunch break. I finally opened it up this weekend and it’s a phenomenal read.

Craig is not only open and honest about his own life but he’s very entertaining… never taking himself too seriously but also not forgetting what the purpose of “Fight” truly is.

FIGHT: Winning The Battles That Matter Most, written by Craig Groeschel

Book of the Month

This book was given to me by my best friend Kevin last summer and I finally got around to reading it in full over the last month. Since he isn’t a Christian, I was pretty surprised that he’d given me a book written by a man who is so outward and upfront about his Christianity. As I started it, I realized that this book is about much more than a man’s walk with God and and his beliefs on what our walks as Christians should be like. Tony Dungy comes exactly as advertised… quiet, meek, humble… but he’s broader than his public personality might lead you to believe.

I think that a lot of us would admittedly say that when we were kids we  weren’t striving to be who our parents were or who they wanted us to be. It wasn’t because  we didn’t love them or look up to them… we just wanted to do it our way. Tony Dungy’s parents were very influential in who he has become as a man, husband and father… mainly due to their Christian backgrounds. Through his coaching career he has become a major influence and role model for many young men who while not “lost”, needed help finding their way. Tony is a phenomenal coach but he’s an even better human being. “Quiet Strength” has a range of triumph to heartbreak but I promise you that you’ll wish there were more chapters to read when you reach the end.

Quiet Strength, written by Tony Dungy with Nathan Whitaker

Book of the Month

     When I was playing baseball in high school, there was no ball player that I loved more that Darryl Strawberry. He had the sweetest swing in the game and I use to always wonder how he could curl the bat in his stance the way he did and generate so much bat speed. It was because of his 6’6″ frame and long arms. When I was a senior in 1988, Darryl hit one of the longest balls in baseball history when he hit the top ring of Olympic Stadium in Montreal. I was watching that night and it was amazing.

In his autobiography, he hits his greatest slam of all time. I use to sit and wonder how someone could “waste” so much God-given talent but like everything with roots, if we’re not planted right and don’t have a good foundation… we too will fail to grown. I was really moved by this book and I want to share it with others. Whether you’re a fan of baseball or comeback stories alone, you’ll love this book.

STRAW: Finding My Way, written by Darryl Strawberry with John Strausbaugh

Book of the Month

I haven’t had a chance to buy this book yet but I’ll be picking it up this weekend. It will make the perfect Father’s Day gift for a dad who can ultimately pass the lessons in it down to his own son. For those of you who don’t know who John Wooden is please take the time to Google his name. He is unarguably and historically the greatest coach of any sport that’s played today and an even more remarkable human being .

Coach Wooden: The 7 Principles That Shaped His Life and Will Change Yours, written by Pat Williams and Jim Denney

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