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Oh Baby Noel… Papa is waiting…

Happy New Year to you all. I truly hope that God blesses you with grace and abundance in 2016.

I can honestly say that this is the quietest and strangest New Year’s Eve that I’ve ever experienced. It’s the first New Year’s that I’ve spent separated from my wife since we met five years ago and its also the first that I’ve spent in a hospital. But all is well.

As I type this, my daughter is labor with our first grandchild and I’ve never been in a hospital as a visitor for this long before. My wife, is down the hall and around the corner in the room with my daughter and her in-laws. There’s a limit on how many people can be in the room with her and dad drew the short straw today. But don’t feel too bad for me… because the BCS games are on and I have the waiting room all to myself… for now.

But now that the games are both over and there’s very little on cable at this time of the night, here I am blogging while watching a replay of the game I just watched… and I’m exhausted. It’s 5:09am and my daughter was admitted at around 1:30pm yesterday. My granddaughter refuses to make her grand entrance for whatever reason. Had she come yesterday, she would have shared a birthday with her aunt and uncle who happen to be twins and judging from the current time, she lost her shot at being the first baby born in the new year. But now she will always have the honor of  being one of the many, many new babies to be born on this New Year’s Day.

Baby Noel, Papa is waiting on you. Waiting to plant the seed of your legacy yet to be fulfilled, waiting to tell you about God’s plans for your life and His unwavering love and grace. To catch you when you fall and to put you on the right path when you stumble or get lost. To make sure you always bleed Yankee blue and forever stay true to those “Boys in Blue”. My daughter, I see your true character though these past hours, you are truly God’s child. My son, I’m so proud of you for being the man He has called you to me. Both of my girls are safe in your hands.

Baby Noel, we will have so many firsts together, just as many as I’ve shared with Abuela. Our home will always be a safe landing place for you when you’re lost and one of wisdom when you’re hungry.

Papa has waited his whole life for you.

How do you eat an elephant…

I’ve never been shy about the fact that I’m a spiritual man… I believe in God, Heaven, loving my neighbor and all of the “taboo” things that come with Christianity. It has cost me some friendships, for sure… but I’ve gained so much more in terms of “family” and actual things that matter since I started to follow God’s plan for my life.

Over the last month I’ve faced quite a few spiritual, personal and professional trials. If I were still walking in the world and allowing society to determine my value, I’d have long been defeated. I’d have laid down my weapon and given in… “drank the cool-aid” as the world loves to say about people who decide to follow God. If you know me, you know that there are three things I never debate about socially or throw to the wind in a group setting… Politics, Religion and my relationship with my Fiancée. But this morning, I’m feeling a little daring… because lately, the walk I’ve been on has really been a challenging one and I want everyone to know what it takes to defeat that little voice in your head (The enemy) when you can hear them telling you 24/7 that you’re not good enough.

Please forgive me for being a little transparent, it’s new territory for me. For the last month, I’ve felt “less than zero”… like I have less than zero value and that I bring nothing, in terms of value, to others lives. I wasn’t raised with this mindset so I knew something was wrong. I started to think back to when I was younger and I made decisions that were “unpopular” to people around me and how they reacted when I told them my plans. True friends stuck it out with me, cautiously supportive, but walking through the decisions with me. Those who ended up not being true friends just walked away… but not before telling me how I was going to fail and end up losing.

We have so many daily reminders of what “success” is supposed to look like through the eyes of the world. Cars, money, jewelry, large bank accounts… all things that, in the grand scheme of things, we see the rich and famous take for granted everyday. It’s funny how most people who aren’t wealthy spend their lives chasing the dreams of the rich and famous and the rich and famous spend their’s chasing down a simpler, more balanced life. Living proof that “the world” has no idea what true happiness is or what it looks like. And it’s all because their vision is blurred and distorted… they aren’t viewing life with loving eyes and hearts. Things matter, where people don’t… and that’s sad.

The enemy never wants you to be happy, because they have no glory in seeing you win. There’s no reward for them in your happiness. As much as I love God, I let some things come into my heart that allowed me to lose focus on what’s important. “Things” are not important… where I’ve been is not important… what I “desire” is not important… my relationship with God and my family is important. Helping others and seeking no reward is important. George Steinbrenner once said, “If you do something for someone and more than you and that person know about it, it was done for the wrong reasons.”

Changing lives should be the priority of everyone walking this earth. Wanting things isn’t wrong at all but it derails us from the bigger destiny that awaits us. “Desire” can cause us to become self-indulged and forget that we were put on this earth for reasons other than to serve ourselves, to chase unsafe or unrealistic dreams or to sulk when we don’t see those things in our immediate future. God didn’t promise us “things”, he promised us eternal life if we only follow Him. He doesn’t do things on our time, He does them on His own… which we should be grateful for. If He didn’t, we’d lose sight of what’s truly important and forget how He designed us to tackle the tough obstacles in our lives…

one bite at a time.

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