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Let Your Vote Be Your Voice

Happy Veteran’s Day

I’d like to take time out to thank all of servicemen and servicewoman who serve our great country and protect the freedoms that we enjoy on a daily basis. I can’t speak for anyone else, but, I know that I have a tendency to take these freedoms for granted, even after having had a father who was a U.S. Marine and who served in Vietnam Veteran.

Freedom comes with a heavy price, whether it’s having certain comforts trampled on at times or the extreme end of the spectrum, the loss of life. My father paid a dear price for my “Freedom” at the age of 43 years old when lost his battle with Metastatic Malignant Melanoma due to exposure to Agent Orange in the jungles of Vietnam.

Veterans Day

Today’s wars are fought a lot different than wars of the pasts… the rules are different but then again, they’re the same. The end result is always the same too… some sort of pain. There’s a great deal of patriotism displayed for the veterans of today’s wars and most of this is due to these current conflicts being played out through the media and the internet. The fly-overs at ballparks and races get the adrenalin flowing, but, few of us know what the Missing Man Formation is or what it symbolizes.  I have a personal connection to Veteran’s Day due to my father’s service to this country. But not only his service, but also the service of 5 of his brothers and sisters who served as well. I’ve heard more than a few stories from my father and he couldn’t have been more proud to have been a Marine and to have served our country.

When you see a serviceman or woman, please take time out to thank them for their service and if you have more time to spend, use it to learn their story. They’re more than just a uniform or an awesome  clip on YouTube. They are husbands, wives, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. Each one of them unique but sharing a similar bond. Being the family member of a soldier isn’t easy and I can’t imagine the stress that our troops carry every day while serving our country and leaving their own lives on pause.

God bless our Troops!

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