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Oh Baby Noel… Papa is waiting…

Happy New Year to you all. I truly hope that God blesses you with grace and abundance in 2016. I can honestly say that this is the quietest and strangest New Year’s Eve that I’ve ever experienced. It’s the first … Continue reading

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“Hey Mets fans… don’t forget where you’re from.”

Generally I don’t get involved in back and forth banter when it comes to websites like the NY Post and such but it’s World Series time I’m all in. A few different websites are reporting that Mets fans are not … Continue reading

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“Not So Great” Yankee Fact

Over the past 3 seasons, the Yankees have paid Alex Rodriguez $91 million dollars in exchange for 34 Home-runs and 119 RBI’s. Curtis Granderson, hit 43 Home-runs (a Team best) and had 106 RBI’s (another Team best) in 2012 alone… … Continue reading

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I’m famous!!!! Well, kinda…

So, it was just another day of me neglecting my own blog, betraying the small and loyal reader-base that I have when I  casually responded to the  blog post ARE GRANDERSON’S DAYS IN PINSTRIPES NUMBERED? at Bleeding Yankee Blue. For those who … Continue reading

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I’m guilty of “Treason”… sort of

I’ve been extremely distant from my blog for a little bit and I’m really ashamed to admit that it’s not because of some life-altering or changing event. I’ve simply been giving all of my time and “Yankee affection” to another blog. Yeah, … Continue reading

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The Mecca of Sports

This is one of my first experimentation’s with Panoramic photography. I took about six shots with my Nikon D40 and used PS CS5 to get this final image. If you look closely, there are some areas that give this away. Overall I think it … Continue reading

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The Yankees and Me

Anyone who knows me knows that the Yankees are my all-time favorite sports team. I’ve loved baseball since I was a little kid. My Uncle Harold was instrumental in teaching me about the game and I remember walking down to … Continue reading

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